About us

Kratos Strength and Conditioning is a online coaching service. Founded by Richard and Tiago, it aims to differentiate from other coaches by having constant support with the clients and being 100% personalized. It’s not just weekly updates with a training routine and a meal plan, everything is customized to fit the athlete, both physiologically and psychologically. There’s no limit to the communication between the coach and the athlete, you can easily contact us during the week with any questions you may have, and when needed, your training and nutrition is changed based on your progress and feedback. With an evidence-based approach, we use the best that exercise science has to offer, combining it with our own experience from our clients to ensure maximum progress.

Why should you hire a coach?

The benefits of having a coach versus going on your own


In today’s time, you can search anything on the internet, but without a solid foundation of knowledge, it’s incredibly hard to know what’s actually good information or not. A good coach will skip all the misinformation and give you exactly what you need and when you need it.


Most people fail because they simply stop doing what’s necessary to produce the result they want. When you’re doing something on your own, it’s hard to keep yourself accountable. If you have someone watching for you, you now feel responsible for your own actions. You know someone cares about your progress and wants you to succeed, so you feel bad if you disappoint them. This helps a ton of people, specially the ones that don’t have a lot of support from their family and friends, which unfortunately happens quite often.


It’s hard to be objective about your training and dieting. This is one of the reasons why coaches often get coached by other coaches for important competitions. Even with all the knowledge and experience in the world, you can never be truly objective about your own progress.


People often start to over-analyzing everything, worrying about every little detail. If their weight isn’t going as it’s supposed to, they’re very inclined to change calories too soon, or if they miss a weight in their training, they immediately think something is wrong with their programming. They do this because they lack objectivity, they can’t look at themselves without their own bias, and this is where the coach comes in, they can analyse your progress with detachment, avoiding unnecessary changes that can harm your long-term progress.


Sometimes the journey is hard, it’s just part of the process, and that’s part of what makes it so fulfilling. When it gets tough is when people are most prone to giving up, they start to lose sight of their goals and just keep focusing on the negative draw-backs of what they’re doing, getting into a bad mind-set. A coach can give you a motivation boost so you can get through less positive phases, so you can keep progressing and reach your goal.


Motivation only goes so far, and that’s why I refer it as a boost. It’s incredibly useful,  but it’s also limited and temporary. What gets you going on the long-term is discipline and habit. Without it, people are doomed to fail. You can’t be motivated 24/7,  it just won’t happen. Some days are just going to stuck, no matter what. What makes you keep going on the long term, it’s not motivation, but habit. And where does habit come from? Doing what it takes, over and over again. And to do so, you need accountability.

Since someone is responsible for you, you’re more likely to stick to your plan, even if you hate everything and everyone in that specific day. Overtime, you build a habit of doing what you need to do. With or without a coach, it doesn’t matter. Even if you aren’t motivated or enthusiastic today, you did this 500 times, you will just do it one more without thinking too much about it. This is what gets results: consistency – over a very long period of time.


I love doing what I do, and in order to help the most amount of people, I’ve tried working for free, or close to it. And to my surprise, it didn’t work, was a total disaster. Even thought it has all the benefits previously mentioned, when you’re being helped for free or a very low value, even if sub-consciously, if you’re to take it less seriously. If you fail to reach your goals, so what? You didn’t lose any significant amount of money. This is one of the reasons why having a coach is very valuable, if everything else fails, you might keep going just for the sake that you’re already into it, the money is spent and you made a commitment, and that alone might be enough to avoid poor choices that comprise your progress.


People who have worked with us

I came to know Tiago by following several powerlifting and general fitness groups on facebook. His posts were always informative, concise, and insightful. When I saw that he was taking on clients for online coaching, I knew this was my chance to bring about change.

The stand-out thing for me about Tiago was how personalised absolutely everything about the coaching experience was. I had his phone number which I used several times to call him DURING WORKOUTS to ask questions! I could also talk to him every single day and he would always respond almost instantly. This style of coaching was most suitable for me as I was new to all this, so it was great to have my coach around 24/7 to make sure everything was going in the right direction. The program I got was specifically tailored to my weaknesses and even preferences, along with explanations of all the principles used. This is another important factor – this team won’t simply dish out what they want you to do and sit back. Expect to learn a lot from these guys if you make the wise decision of joining their team! Tiago made me feel like I was his only client and main focus, but also made it an invaluable learning experience as I got to pick his brain on several topics.

I started with Tiago when I was a hefty 96.6KG. When the fat loss phase was complete, I was around 76.6KG. This happened in the space of approximately 6-7 months. Tiago used a variety of strategies to ensure I kept losing fat; and they all worked.

He would do all the tweaks and adjustments, eliminating any room for guesswork. Even amidst all my whining and complaining that ‘I lost Xkg but still look the same!’ I kept faith in Tiago and in the process, and came to an incredible end. Fortunately, the successes of this weight loss extended much beyond the visual. My anxiety got a lot better, as did my social life. Buying clothes became a lot easier, I was a lot less self-conscious and the whole experience, quite simply, changed my life.

Suad A.

After years of gaming the shape of my body became undesirable. My bodyfat had crept up and I had little muscle meaning I became skinny fat. Ritchie helped me put together a very sustainable plan which would in turn would re-composition my body and add some muscle and lose fat. It was great to focus on getting stronger also while having the added benefit of my body changing. I learnt a lot about diet during my time working with Ritchie which has allowed me to continue with my own progress since.

Lewis Hughes

I’ve been training since early 2013 when I decided to make a change in my lifestyle and looked at fitness and decided that improving my body would be the way to go.

I went to a local gym and just used random equipment (mostly machines and treadmills) to just get a feel for exercise after so many years of sedentary living. I had no knowledge about exercise science or lifting weights whatsoever at the time and was basically a blank slate as far as physical training goes.

I briefly mentioned to my friend Tiago that I had started lifting and he stopped me dead in my tracks and asked me about my routine. It was of course quickly revealed that I didn’t follow any program, and that I was just randomly trying things out as I went.

He told me about his progress and gave me advice on what I should do instead. I started making sensible progress and he supplied me with the tools I needed, and my progress quickly improved. I now had clear set goals, all thanks to his expertise.

Ever since then he has become a true maestro of the art of lifting weights and has been my personal trainer and mentor for over 2 years. His help and support has been endlessly helpful to me and I’m not exaggerating when I say I would probably not even still be lifting today if it wasn’t for him.

Tiago Vasconcelos is the ultimate training coach for anyone serious about making long-term strength and muscle gains, as well as learning about diet and anything else exercise science-related.
I am fortunate to be a client and follower of his and I’ll never look back after having found such a brilliant personal trainer!

Kristian Persson

After years of gaming, and a sedentary lifestyle. My body had changed into something very undesirable. I became very overweight, and unfit. Ritch helped me with my diet, and workout routine as a beginner at first. This gave me vital building blocks to changing my body. And straight away I noticed changes and strength increases. I learn’t a lot from his guidance, and would recommend his help to anyone willing to listen.

James Smale

I began Tiago’s programming on January 1st. It was my entrance to powerlifting training.

I’ve had amazing success and I see myself continuously progressing on this program. I think the set up is ingenious and the program is engaging and enjoyable, tough but easy to scale.

The most dramatic change has come in my low bar squat, since I was deadlifting and benching for years, but I just started squatting in January after years of loathing the movement. What I like best about it is the tapering through the week from volume to control to RPE, as well as the addition of accessories not normally found on powerlifting programs. I like the undulating periodization as well.

I am really glad I started Tiago’s programming and would recommend it.

Kate Giovino

Success stories.

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