It’s easy to criticize lack of effort

It’s easy for us that are within fitness to criticize people who are sedentary and/or overweight.
The fact that we train, gives us a subconscious superiority regarding health. We’re healthy (at least healthier) than them. I make the sacrifice, and they don’t. I work hard and put effort. They don’t.
However, I believe in many cases, that’s a lie you tell yourself. You don’t actually sacrifice that much. You do it because you enjoy it. Either you enjoy the process, or you enjoy the benefit. You put effort because that gives you results you like independent of health (getting stronger and/or bigger).
The point is, you like what you do. You like powerlifting, bodybuilding or whatever.
A problem with these people that are overweight and sedentary, is that they don’t enjoy it, and that makes things infinitely harder. You are healthy because you train, but you don’t train because you want to be healthy, it’s a convenient by-product.
If training didn’t make you healthy, but something else did that you didn’t enjoy. Would you make ballet or zumba part of your routine, if that’s what it took for you to be healthy? I think all of us in the fitness industry would like to say we do. But would we really? Maybe not.
So while this word has an extremely negative connotation, you have the “privilege” of liking a type of activity that improves your health. Some people may not have that luck, and what they need to do is not pleasable to them.
I think this is important to think about whenever you’re subconsciously judging people for not doing what they should be doing.

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