What shoes should you wear for strength training?

This is far from being a revolutionary post, but I wanted to address it regardless, since this topic arises often with clients.

What shoes should you wear for lifting? Do you need any special shoes? First, it depends on the type lifting you’re doing. For this context, I’ll assume you’re doing heavy compound movements for the sake of general strength and hypertrophy.

In general, you don’t need any specific shoe. However, you want a shoe that is compact, tight, and most importantly, non-compressible. The latter being very, very important. So any shoe that meets this requirements is fine.

You don’t want a running shoe. They compress with weight, which is bad. It makes you unstable and leaks power.

There’s also a specific type of shoe, called “Olympic lifting shoes”. They have a raised wheel, and allows you to stay more upright and go deeper in your squat. But that’s the extend of their use, unless you do Olympic Lifting, and they’re usually not cheap. If you want to get them, feel free to, but they’re not a requirement. It’s an extra if you want to give your squat a little bonus. Some people even prefer to squat with a flat heel, and dislike olympic shoes. But I’d say they’re a minority.

If you’re looking for specific recommendations:

If you want a shoe to workout overall, you don’t need anything special, as long as it’s non-compressible and with a flat sole like mentioned. But the “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star” is a popular choice. It does the job well and it’s very cheap. You can also get the Reebok Crossfit Lite TR, which is very similar.

If you want Olympic shoes for squatting, these are good options:

You might wanna check other websites to see if you can get it cheaper, and remember that there isn’t a magic shoe. You just need to make sure it’s appropriate, and you’re good to go!

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